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Of all the items in your move, one of the most delicate and difficult is your beloved piano.
You can entrust us to handle all your piano moving needs. Piano moving requires special skill and planning, for many reasons:

A piano is a heavy instrument. Whether it’s an upright piano, or a baby grand, or a full grand piano, at minimum they weigh hundreds of pounds. They definitely require a strong, experienced team of movers to transport them correctly and damage-free, from start to finish.

Pianos are bulky and awkward. In addition to weighing a lot, a piano, even the smallest upright, is still large and difficult to lift safely. It requires specific knowledge and skill. Moving a piano is not like a typical heavy object – they require special care.

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Pianos are delicate musical instruments

If you’ve ever taken a look inside the workings of your piano, you’ll see that they are a complex assembly of components – wood framing, strings, bolts and other fasteners, all connected to the black and white keys on the keyboard. It’s all exceptionally delicate, and subject to damage from the slightest wrong move. There’s also that shiny finish on the instrument’s exterior to think about.

Moving a piano requires careful planning and expertise

It’s not as simple as three or four strong people each grabbing an end and walking it out the door and onto the truck. We’ve mentioned that a piano is a delicate musical instrument, easily susceptible to damage to both its interior and exterior. Our piano moving experts will ensure that your piano move is done carefully and flawlessly. This includes:

  • Verifying how the piano will be moved – including all the doorways, hallways, staircases, and up into the moving truck. All this should be mapped out in advance.
  • Making sure the piano is properly wrapped and protected. The last thing you want is damage to your piano’s exterior finish, or its keyboard, or any other part of it. We will take care to ensure it is fully protected. That way, not only is the instrument covered, there’s also damage to walls, etc. during its move.
  • Ensuring the lifting power is there. The last thing you want is to find out is that your piano is too heavy for the number of people you have there to help move it. We will make sure in advance that the right crew is assigned to the job, and that they have the right equipment with them – including lifting straps, dollies, or anything else it takes to have your piano moved safely and securely, all the way to its end destination.
  • Proper loading into the moving truck. We would seldom recommend renting any type of vehicle and attempting to transport an instrument as delicate as a piano. A proper moving truck, with a properly trained crew, is the only way to do it correctly. Take no chances with your piano move. Make sure you get an experienced piano moving crew.
  • Proper unloading and moving the piano to its new location. It’s not just getting it wrapped and loaded into the truck. You have to consider what happens at the other end also. Getting your piano off the moving truck, and navigating all the twists and turns of the path to its new location is essential to a successful piano move. We will ensure nothing is missed – that your piano reaches its new location, safely and securely.
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SB Movers Piano Moving Services

We take great pride in our moving skills, and foremost among them is our ability to get pianos moved properly, safely, and securely. You can trust us to move your beloved piano to its new location without a hitch. It’s part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction with every move we do.


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